Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Get To Know: Yung Cal


The Left Coast is seamlessly coming back stronger and stronger and Yung Cal plus the entire Magna Carta movement is making a strong notion that they are next up with viable acts such as C Pauls, Yung Cal, Chris Steel, Dom Kennedy, and Carter. Enter Yung Cal.

illRoots.com: What do you bring to an over saturated industry that we haven’t seen before?

Yung Cal: I bring style and taste!!!! All different kinds of style & taste………every track is different that you will hear from me.

illRoots.com: If you were president of what country which one and why?

YC: America, so we can fix this fucked up country.

illRoots.com: One song that you feel will make the biggest impact for the beginning stages of your career?

YC: I’m fly

illRoots.com:The West Coast boasts an overwhelming amount of talent right now, what do you feel is your demographic and where do you represent?

YC: I’m from the West Coast, but I don’t consider myself as just a West Coast rapper… I’m an artist!!! I’m from Long Beach.

illRoots.com: If you weren’t rapping what would you be doing?

YC: Gettin’ it on the corner!

illRoots.com: In such a socially conscious and critical time period that we are in what is the biggest issue in the debate that sways for your vote? and why?

YC:If it isn’t dead presidents then it doesn’t matter….black or white don’t matter, only green.

illRoots.com: Who do you contribute most of your success too?

YC:The man above.

illRoots.com: Your thought process in writing?

YC:Just zone out.. slumpcity!!!!

illRoots.com: In a time where being able to be completely self sufficient is almost standard for an independent artist what do you feel has been your biggest tool in getting your name out?

YC:Just hard work and dedication and giving these niggas bars that drives em crazy

illRoots.com: Independent or major?

YC: I’ll let the people choose.




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