Monday, July 20, 2009

Perpetrators, Imitators, and just plain old Haters

HAD TO blog about this shit. It's definitely getting out of pocket LMAO. We have been letting this slide for too long, us authentic people- us people who really ARE who we say we are, and really are FROM where we say we're from.

Let me enlighten the confused youth that are searching for an identity so feverishly that they choose to examine our language for unwarranted and nonsensical criticism. (TRANSLATE- YOU’RE A HATER AND YOUR ARGUMENT DOESN'T MAKE SENSINGTON)

Who are you to advise others in what slang they should use and what is acceptable and unacceptable? What are you the language Governor? The Slang Auditor? The Ebonics Chancellor? (FOH- TRANSLATE THAT FUCK OUTTA HERE)

Let's please focus on the ubiquitous question that plagues all of us, who are you? Are you really Japanese or is that a facade imaginative identity? Where are you from, or is that really you behind those shades and disguises?

I am from dirty motha-f*ckin Jersey, one of the rudest most direct states in America, and I currently have a place in Atlanta as well and you know what? FAMINGTON? I bring my influence down here in bushels of aura and yes, yes, people AURA jack the sh*t out of me and my fellow out-of-towners no matter where they're from. Do I care, no-for the most part. But, me- I am who I say I am, I am from where I say I'm from, are you?

Let's please band together to fight this newfound and rapidly spreading diseased species now known as Perpetrators, Imitators, and just plain old Haters.

If your a Perpetrator, Imitator, or just a plain old Hater, then your not my people although you may be under the misguided false impression that you are. Sorry, don't be mad you ain't wavy-baby!

P.S. SO "stylin" is all you have as the new word for "swag" NEWSFLASH WE'VE BEEN USING THE WORD STYLIN FOR OVER 5 YEARS, don't be mad you ain't wavy-baby!

This message has been brought to you by HeartShok Ent. President DAYNE DASH


Blogger NiiseBenPhresh said...

LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. PAUSE. nothing will replace swag bc it doesnt exist to me. stylin was a suggestion for the lames who still utilize it. One word can neva define me or my 'aura' so for those who try good luck.

Trying to swindle your followers with your enhanced vocabulary in this blog wont justify your use of this wretched suffix you all put on every word. Just like the english language there are rules for what is acceptable and what is not. Its not grammatically correct tht yu place "-ington" on the end of every word just like i before e excpet after c digg me?

Not only is it not grammatically correct ; yall are KILLIN this sht. Like even if it had a chance to reign on the American slang it died before birth because yall nggas have oversaturated it. It doesnt bother me much that yall say it ; other ppl do it too ! the world has to change in so many ways , when we can help that why not ? na mean. lol.

As far as where posers, imitators, and haters:
POSERS---neva been that but i met a few lmao sucka
IMITATORS---im on a mission to anihilate every one in existence bc im too INNOVATIVE fuck wavy for these hoes/nggas to be dickriding my sht. seriously i gtta copywright my sht cuz niggas keep dubbin ; if bitches is chewin im suin yu digg me so FOH to the imitators how abt tht!
HATERS---neva been tht either lol yu musta missed my post abt tht a month bac. a hater's job is to hate. period. im already employed and nowhere in my job description is hating applicable. plus Hate is the new Love right ? thats what yall keep telling me haha so for the HATERS keep it comin; its a recession yall need yall jobs and i need my love (:

p.s.. Jerz hmm i fucx with tht kind but yu idk abt yu lol :) im from Upstate, Mount Vernon, NY. Neva claimed to be from anywhere else. Knw my hood and respects it yu feel me. Raised in ATL and embraces it. Not to mention carribbean i knw where i came from and wht i stand for so ya post is addressing good topics but definitely targeted at the WRONG one. Niise Ben Phresh baby betta ask abt me.....

For what its worth ; i can throw criticism and i can surely take it. i dnt take shit personal i take it public ! hence my blog. with tht said:

July 20, 2009 at 3:39 PM  
Blogger NiiseBenPhresh said...

p.p.s. im following yall so follow me !

July 20, 2009 at 3:42 PM  

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