Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Los is from Liberty Heights and Garrison in Baltimore, Maryland, a city known for hustlers who get it in the streets. The city has been well publicized on shows like "The Wire" and "The Corner". Now Baltimore has another conduit to catapult the city to national visibility. LOS has been on his grind since 1999 and showed his hunger in the battles he dominated. He solidified himself in the streets and then signed with Da Bloc in 2001 which fueled his momentum and drastic increase in star power. Da Bloc proved to be the label that could propel LOS to the heights of star status. However, due to a tumultuous time, LOS had to put things on hold while Da Bloc took a hiatus to restructure the company. During that time, the company did not release music or host any events. However, in '07-'08, with back to back mix cd releases, historic events, and endless performances, LOS and Da Bloc made more of an impact on the music industry than prior years!

LOS released several mix cds in '07-'08, but he has the streets on fire with his "G5" series! He has released several versions of the mix cd i.e. G5 "Certified", G5 "Special Edition" and G5.2. These volumes have far exceeded sales of mix cd releases in Baltimore, including past releases from Da Bloc records. LOS has such a strong following, he has networked with every major promoter in Baltimore with them incorporating "G5" into the marketing scheme of their concerts and other events. Baltimore native Mario & Los made a remix to "Crying out for me" & "Music for Love" with both featuring on the "G5" series. The response was so overwhelming it prompted Mario to have LOS perform on several tour dates with him. LOS was also featured on the "Gangsta Grillz" tour with Young Jeezy, D.J. Drama, UGK, B.G. and others. If he is not performing and releasing mix cds, LOS has been building his catalog writing for well-known artists in the music industry. Fans have been swarming with requests for the song he pinned on a Cheri Dennis album entitled "Showdown". His performances have been in high demand on YouTube and he has hundreds of thousands of viewers (collectively) logging on to watch the rise of a superstar!

LOS has an undeniable drive and a passion matched only by legends. He has proven it by bouncing back after more than one hundred of his songs was seized and the production of his album scrapped. LOS emerged from that to compile an ingenious body of work, creating the album entitled "Ambitions of a Fly Guy" which is filled with his signature quixotic flow and lyrically witty conundrums. He exponentially tells B-more's story to the world so everyone can walk the streets of his city vicariously through his ryhmes. LOS has traveled all over the country and his diversity shows on the album. But regardless of his influences, he gives his B-more perspective on any track thrown his way. On the Kal produced "Rep My city", he talks about how "knockers jump out of cavaliers like Lebron James" which is something every hustler in B-more can relate to. LOS gives the gangstas a reason to fall back, light something up and slide off bumpin with "Leaning", a mid tempo song off the album. He slides from the bounce and gangsta for a minute and gives the strippers at Norma Jeans and the Hustler club a reason to "Shake it up like dice" on one of the more grown and sexy cuts off the album. His song "1question" is destined to be a radio hit and the 1st song on all the ladies' MySpace pages. LOS has proven his song writing ability without compromising the raw lyrical barrage of compound syllables & triple entendres that you will find on his mix cds. His "G5" volumes can be found on and his album will be out soon.


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