Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Kanye West Working With Nas On New Album

From the beginning of Kanye West’s music career, he’s been saying, “Nas is the greatest rapper of all time!!” Vice Versa, Nas said, “I think Kanye West saved Rap.” So its only right that they’ve finally teamed up to work on Nas’s upcoming project.

According to AHH:

According to Nas, the new album will feature production from Kanye West, who contacted the Queens-rapper about working on the new record.

“Kanye West hit me up and said ‘I want to do the album,’ and the RZA,” Nas revealed. “I heard Kanye’s album and its crazy. The new album is crazy. So I was just listening to Drake’s stuff and I was inspired by Drake shouting me out on the album. I have been inspired by his mind state for the album and he says my whole name. “Nasir Jones thank you.’ Kanye’s like man… Those dudes really inspire me to go in there and really do what I am supposed to do at this day and age in the game and to deliver.”

On another note, who thinks Kelis will be back in Nas’s wallet after this album drops?


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